Welcome to Ohm Oncology

Drug discovery company committed to bring forth novel therapeutic solutions.

The OHM of oncology

Our objective is to fuel discovery of targeted therapeutics in the domains of both small molecules and biologics

Welcome to Ohm Oncolgy

The major challenge in onco-therapy is the emergence of wide spread resistance – in other words “the ohm of oncology”!

Ohm oncology is an early drug discovery company committed towards bringing forth novel therapeutic solutions addressing unmet medical needs. Our objective is to fuel the discovery of targeted therapeutics in the domain of both small molecules and large molecules (immunotherapy-biologics).  In oncology, we harbor profound experience in studying both solid and liquid tumors – encompassing areas such as epigenetic regulations, kinases and receptor biology. We are continuously sieving scientific data to identify drug-able targets and drive these programs to the clinic.  In these efforts, Ohm has been successful in developing multiple early assets.

Our current focus can be narrowed down to areas related to epigenetic regulation, cancer kinome, onco-metabolism and immuno-oncology; identification of viable targets for potential treatments against cancer. With our unique technological platform and new approach, we strive to bring forth robust therapies in oncology and aim towards enhancing the quality of life for cancer patients.

Differentiating Strategy

Majority of drugs under research currently aim to make cancer a highly manageable disease in the future. However, understanding the intricacies in cancer signaling networks, especially considering the activation of redundant pathways in relation to the target protein functions is a complex task. Occurring mostly in response to an administered therapy, this redundant path activation can reduce the effectiveness of single-target molecules and signifies the onset of resistance – for that particular therapy. The complication in subversive resistance arises from the fact that in some cases activation of redundant pathways stems from specific mutational contrivances contributing directly while in other cases, non-mutational and epigenetic mechanisms can play a dominating role. Various mechanisms, operating on the same principle (of redundant path activation) can pave the way for resistance thus, future approaches in cancer therapy need to find away around these mechanisms to maintain their effectiveness.

In our specific approach first, we pin-point the targets,that are primarily involved in disease phenotype. Simultaneously, secondary redundant targets are also identified that when engaged usher synergy and circumvent resistance. This process involves detailed analysis of signaling networks emanating from or leading to the primary target, gaining an understanding of their mode of action and micro environment in intracellular milieu,prioritizing and finally zeroing on the most viable secondary target. This, is referred to as the Dual-Prong Rational Technology (DPRT™)!

Through DPRT™ we have successfully developed poly-pharmacophores that inhibit BET-kinase dual targets with excellent in vivo efficacy!

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